The Locanda Prato d'Era is a charming country inn immersed in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany's gentle hills and valleys.

Situated at the foot of the hill on which Volterra proudly stands, it can be reached by leaving the city through the Porta Diana and following the ancient Roman road which winds through flowery meadows, olive groves and Etruscan tombs for 4 Km.

The inn which is an old post house, has been recently renovated and offers six comfortable rooms all with en-suite bathroom.

The family-run restaurant takes a pride in offering traditional Tuscan dishes prepared with only the finest, freshest ingredients: the wines of Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, all from local producers, are organic.

In front oh the inn is a garden where guests may choose to eat "al fresco" and listen to the birds singing and the rustle of the wind in the trees.

Offerta valida per tutte le stagioni!

La locandiera Erika offre ai propri ospiti la possibilità di partecipare a lezioni di cucina individuali e di gruppo oltre che a tutte le attività quotidiane legate alla preparazione del cibo come la cura dell'orto, la raccolta e la cottura delle verdure, la preparazione delle conserve coi frutti di stagione, ecc. I tempi e i modi saranno concordati compatibilmente con gli impegni quotidiani. 

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Locanda Prato d'Era | B&B in Tuscany Countryside


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